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Photo © Giada Cicchetti 

Embodied Knits

Abstract sounds, a sense of alienation, where do they come from?

We are surrounded by immaterial elements. Light, sound, smell, taste and color. Our senses will never stop exploring as long as we live. We take these intangible elements for granted, but they determine how we experience the world. Sometimes we just need to let go, immerse ourselves in the present and discover all the beauty it has to offer.

Photo © Patty van den Elshout

TextielLab Tilburg

Research master project 

My final work was selected for further development at the TextielLab of the Textile Museum in Tilburg. Under the guidance of knit specialist Sarena Huizinga, I discovered the possibilities and limits of industrial knitting as we searched for translations of my own textile pieces. 

Video © Wouter Gysemans

Virtual knit

As part of my graduation project for my bachelor in Textile Design, I collaborated with Wouter Gysemans, a 3D - Graphic Designer.